Websites & SEO

Almost everyone knows what a website is, even without knowing what search engine optimization is, but websites and SEO aren’t everything. In fact websites and SEO are two different things that work hand in hand to be successful. Without websites, there would be no SEO, and without search engines, there would be no websites, so websites and SEO go hand in hand for success.

In order to have a great website, you need good search engine optimization, so that it will rank high in the major search engines. If you have a website with little or no SEO then your website may not get ranked high enough to show up on Google results when someone searches for your services or products.

“Back in the day”, if you didn’t have a business card, then you weren’t legit. In 2021 it’s almost like people don’t take you seriously without a website. (and business cards are thrown in the garbage)

If you really want to stand out, or at least be seen, your site needs to rank for relevant keywords. Meaning, you’ll want to rank for search terms that are specific to your business.

If you have a local business and someone is searching “Cincinnati Lawyer”, then being listed on page 1 of Google results will dramatically increase your number of phone calls from potential clients.

If not, the websites with the keywords in their title or metatags will be listed above yours.

Aside from ranking high in Google listings, websites should also be optimized for other purposes such as usability and accessibility issues, SEO copywriting techniques, etc. For example, having meta tags can help define what your site is about.

Basically, if you have the coolest popsicle stand in the desert (Your Website), you want to let the thirsty desert-dwellers know all about it (SEO).