Your Mindset Is Your Foundation

I felt a strong pull to write this. And just get into some of the reasons and, you know, bullet points for why that is the case – your mindset being your foundation.

This isn’t like a hypothetical thing. 

This is literally how things work. 

Let’s talk about a foundation for a second.

What defines a foundation?

It’s a strong, resilient platform for an entire building or structure to be placed on top of, or built on top of.

So if we take that definition, and then apply it to our life, like our life in its entirety, is the structure right now. If mindset is the foundation underneath that, it’s no wonder, you know, divorce rates are so high, unemployment is so high, so many people are on a variety of drugs for mental illnesses and other modern day problems. 

It really isn’t a big surprise because most people are building their structure – their entire life – on a shitty platform. A crappy foundation. And I’m not using those words lightly. 

Imagine for a minute what your mindset was even a year ago or five years ago or something, just take a look at the contrast and the growth over that time. 

And maybe I’m only speaking to myself here, I don’t know. But I would imagine a lot of the people I’m speaking to resonate with change and evolving and our mindsets being the focus of what we’re working on. 

Personally, I work on a lot of personal development. I pretty much read only books in that genre. And it’s not just to read them. When I read a book, I really get into it and take all that I can from it and apply it to improving my mindset. 

But let’s get back to the whole foundation thing. Think about the mindset that society and the media and external forces all over are creating, think about how that mindset is basically like building your structure on a heap of trash, metaphorically.

With so many silly trends and dumb lyrics and music, tons of fear being mass produced and propaganda. So much effort ‘they’ go through to try to make people so confused that they don’t know what is real and what isn’t. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that anything you create in your reality that you perceive is what’s real.

That’s what’s real. And you’re the commander of that. You get to decide what it is.

And if you don’t decide what that is going to be then you’re basically allowing, you know, society in the world to create your programming for you. 

As I just said, that’s like building your structure on a heap of trash. 

This is why it is so important to become aware of what kind of mindset you have, what kind of foundation you’re building, in order to make necessary changes. 

If you were pouring a cement footing or foundation and you realize that your mixture was way too wet or there wasn’t enough lime in it or something, then you would immediately make some changes. You wouldn’t just pour that footing and be like, “alright, let’s build this house.” You would immediately make changes to your foundation, so that you know your entire house is gonna stay in place and thrive. 

And then this goes the same for your life if you don’t build a foundation, a mindset that is so well programmed, that it can withstand and endure any kind of weather, any kind of political climate, or any kind of social change, like you’re in trouble, basically. So this is why I bring up my except name and foundation why it’s so important, so often. 

I want you to take this into deep consideration and examine your foundation. Look at your mindset. Look at what kind of programming plays on autopilot. Your programming is running 90-something percent of the time, on the subconscious level (sub meaning below). So identify what that programming is using your 3- 5% conscious mind. 

Change it in the reticular activating system, the RAS. It’s the same part of the mind that will show you every Audi R8 on the road after buying one yourself. Become aware of what thoughts are running on autopilot. And that way you can make changes to the thoughts that are input.

And if you follow me you’ll find a lot of helpful tools and ways. I’ll continue to share these things to change your own programming and reprogram yourself the way that you want. So that your perceived reality reflects what you desire.

I love helping people with this. And I love helping with awareness. It is one of my favorite things to do is to heighten somebody’s awareness, because being aware is the first step. Then you can make the needed changes. You can Quantum Leap. You can integrate Shadow Work quickly and and realize who you are on a deeper level. 

I hope this helps. 

Please just become more aware of the kind of thoughts and programs you’re playing.

Not just for yourself.

You are connected to the entire collective, everything and everywhere. 

Put good thoughts, good programs, and good vibrations out to the collective because you are making a difference. 

If you’re throwing a pity party, or you’re being lazy and procrastinating, etc. – those thoughts have a vibration and they reverberate out through the cosmos. 

The same goes for positive thoughts, except that they carry even more power. 

So imagine if you just switch your programming around and your thoughts around, you’re actually becoming more powerful and helping the collective in a greater way. 

Again, that’s why it’s so important to pay attention and become aware.

Thank you for the awareness you have now.

Thank you for becoming more aware and vigilant of your thoughts so you can change your programming and contribute your highest good to the universe.

I hope that this helps you realize how important your foundation and mindset is for the rest of your life and the collective. 


This article is all about attracting your perfect and ideal clients effortlessly or with very little effort.

Sure, a lot of effort or action can be good and necessary to grow your business, of course, I’m not telling you to stop taking those actions, but what I’m here to tell you is that your mental actions are 10,000 times more powerful than the physical actions. 

I’ve done a ton of cold calling and a ton of prospecting in my life. 

I’ve done loads of email outreach and video outreach. Even shot hundreds of videos for people. 

What I’ve noticed is all of that action could almost amount to nothing if my mindset is not in alignment – If my intentions and the way that I speak (the words that create everything) are not in alignment with that picture. [Perfect clients] 

Yeah, I could go out and grind and hustle and drum up some clients, but are they going to be ideal clients? -Only if my intentions and my energy are in alignment.

Whether you are a specific manifester by design or not, I highly recommend being specific with your manifesting. 

So, there’s this tool that I’ve given out to quite a few people in the past, and there’ve been a lot of success stories from using this tool. One example is I gave it to this e-commerce marketing coach. We used to refer to her as the E-com queen. She’s incredible at E-COM ads and she runs an amazing agency and coaches on this stuff. 

Well, one time I gave her this tool (probably a couple years ago) and the very next week, she acquired a perfect client, and perfect in all these specific ways. They were higher paying, like a $10,000 a month type of client that was going to grow on her sliding scale. And they also checked all the other boxes for what is a perfect client for her. 

Without further ado, I’m just gonna jump into it. 

Scripting, writing and commanding your reality, is one of the most powerful ways of dictating what you expect in a perfect client. 

First, you need to identify and define what a perfect client is to you. What does that mean? 

I know what a perfect client is for me and I continue to add to the detail in this I’m about to show you. Because, like I said- the more detail, the better. 

It’s like you put in an order to the universal restaurant. Let’s just use that analogy for now. And you tell the server and they’ll bring you anything you asked for this restaurant, right? But you tell the server you want something hot and tasty and they come out with something hot and tasty.


They check those two boxes. You only gave him two things to go off of. So they brought you exactly what you asked for. Let’s say you don’t eat pork because you consider it a disgusting meat. And they bring you a hot and tasty pork chop. Shoot. What? 

What went wrong there? Well, if you want something specific, you need to be specific. If you don’t know what you want, then it’ll be hard to define and achieve it.

This is a simple tool. 

I love simplicity. 

I have a lot of tools that I can give to people intuitively and help them to grow and quantum leap. This one is like the other tools. 

It’s very simple. 

What I want you to do is get a notebook. So easy to come by. If you’re like me you have oodles of notebooks laying around. 

I want you to write ‘My Perfect Clients’ on the front of the notebook. Then you’re gonna write in real time, you know – present tense. 

I suggest using a blue pen because blue ink retains and a more powerful, longer lasting way in your brain. Go ahead and look up the science behind this if you want. I know this is true and I stick to it religiously, so you won’t really catch me with a black pen. Unless I’m filling out paperwork for the IRS or a bank. 

Anyhow, you use a blue pen I even go a little further and I use a special alphabet that I taught myself over the last several years. It’s called the Vimala Alphabet. It’s derived from a whole lot of subliminal subconscious things in the “strokes of billionaires”. The handwriting of very, very wealthy and successful people. So I use of Vimala alphabet when I write anything down, even when I’m taking notes. 

So, I write about my perfect clients. And I’m gonna go ahead and read you maybe the first page or the first half of a page so you get an idea of what I’m talking about. 

You want this to be in real time. And I highly recommend or suggest that you get in alignment with your desires.

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First, spend at least 90 seconds anchoring in those feelings.

What does it feel like to have perfect clients? 

Get to that feeling first, then all the writing comes out in alignment and the power is exponentially greater. 

Now, I’m going to give you another tool to compound this powerful tool even further because I geek out on this stuff and reprogramming yourself is my passion. It is possibly my greatest passion. 

Yes, I help people grow their businesses and in massive ways and live a life of freedom and fulfillment and I love to help people reprogram themselves. This is something I’ve been doing for a long time. 

Anyhow, I’m going to read some of this first page so you understand what I’m talking about. Take notice some of the detail I put in here and some of the words I use specifically. Sometimes I’ll generalize and say all of my clients in this writing when I want to encompass all of them. [Because I really want that to be a trait that all of my clients share]

“My clients are only ever happy, excited, and grateful. Just as I am happy and grateful to pay my bills and for services. My clients are always more than happy to pay me in full on time each month. (That’s something standard you want in a perfect client issomeone who pays on time in full and they’re happy to do it) Some of my clients even enjoy paying 12 months or more in advance. I often get gifts and thank you notes and cards in the mail from happy clients. Some of my favorite tips and gifts have been in the form of extra money or cryptocurrency of high value almost every week. Or even multiple times a week. I receive new excited referrals from happy existing clients that are an optimal fit to work with. And they get started with me right away.” 

So, that is about half of a page in writing, or better yet – scripting.

Now, this is the compounding tool. 

Take these journal entries and go the extra mile(if you want) and play some 528 hertz or some abundant frequency in the background. Who’s voice do you think is the most powerful to speak in? To hear things in to reprogram yourself in?

YOUR own voice! 

So read this in your own voice. Read your ‘My Perfect Clients’ aloud and record it for playback.

Find time every single day or set a timer in your in your phone to sit, close your eyes, get in alignment, meditate or whatever it takes [90 seconds or more of anchoring that emotion, those feelings, and frequency] then listen to the playback of yourself and these powerful scriptings. 

What you can do is as you continue to write in this my perfect clients journal, you can add to your audio recording and just make it longer and more detailed. Maybe you can reach 5-10 minutes or more of an audio where you’re just sitting there and getting into that space. 

That mental action is 1000 times more powerful than you making hundreds of cold calls. 

Yeah, you could still make hundreds of cold calls, if that’s something you do. But what if your hundreds of cold calls were done while you’re in alignment with your perfect clients? 


You’re going to skip right through those people that are not ideal, and you’re going to land on the ones that are perfect. 

Remember, this is in conjunction with the execution, with the physical action, and with the business action you’re taking. 

It is easy to shoot ourselves in the foot by not doing the small things the small things add up to the big things. Compounding this tool in small ways will become whatever large vision you have and are intending to achieve as far as attracting your perfect clients. 

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing the powerful results you achieve in life using this tool. 

Ready to Attract Perfect Clients?

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