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Turning Dreams into Realities
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Bridgerland Financial

Bridgerland Financial in Utah onboarded with CGM (at the time it was Kameron Porter Enterprises) 11 days before they intended on filling an in-person event with federal employee retirement prospects.

I filled their event with a Facebook lead generation campaign, where they closed 3-lifetime clients (ten years or more)

We continued running lead generation campaigns over the next 3 months and 2 more events. Bridgerland Financial ended up with over 10 years worth of clientele and leads to work with from only 4 total months of working with me.

Firehouse Pizzeria

Firehouse Pizzeria in Logan Utah was our first ‘official’ client, in 2017. The exact month they onboarded and we launched Facebook Ad campaigns (with lead nurturing sequences in place) they had a huge spike in sales. They finished 2017 with$100k+ in new revenue which directly correlates with the ads we ran. Even though 2016 was their highest revenue year on record, 2017 was significantly higher with Conscious Growth Marketing’s help.

Firehouse has continued to grow with us over the years.

When Firehouse hosted its 20-year Anniversary Event, I personally gathered support and donations from businesses all over the area, totaling over $10,000 in raffle prizes and donations. Along with the marketing campaigns to inform and attract the public to the event, the individual care given to ‘leg-work’ ensured that the event was a huge success!


Erika, owner of 2BounceHouses signed on for a 3-month lead generation and appointment-setting campaign with us. Before the end of the 3 months, her calendar for rentals and parties was completely booked out for over an entire year. Randi Maree (my wife and partner), personally set these appointments and filled the calendar, based on a solid and qualified flow of leads from our Facebook Ad campaign.

Option Solutions

Option Solutions is a service that helps people get funded for mortgages, credit repair, and creative financing solutions, including down payment assistance (using solar programs). During the 2 years before ‘covid’ we consistently generated 400-600 leads for their program a month, using Facebook Ad campaigns, which they closed over $5M in revenue from. Each month we averaged 90 set and pre-qualified appointments for Option Solutions using our ISA services.

Totaling: nearly 10,000 workable leads in their pipeline and over $5M in closed deals/revenue.

Bears Ears Farms

BEF is a full-service client. We’ve established them online with GMB, YouTube, and local recognition through Facebook Lead Generation campaigns. They now have a nice, functioning, WordPress and Woocommerce website that is building quite a presence online. Ongoing aggressive SEO work is being done to get them ‘ranked’ and keep them there.

I’ve helped them establish a whole new brand, streamlining their operations, and company culture, and even lining up deals from wholesale/Whitelabel buyers—event planning for their Grand Opening and Farm Day. I’ve helped them coordinate and plan this entire event, even designing their outdoor and company signage.
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